Thinking of rebranding in 2023?

Why your customers will love you for it

Uncertainty was an overarching theme of 2022, so what's in store for 2023 and 2024.

Thanks to the pandemic, independent businesses have faced particularly tough challenges over the last few years, from financial to logistical and everything in between.

As a result, many have had to pivot (a word we’ll likely be glad to see the back of once this ordeal is over), re-market or change direction completely just to survive, all of which have required some kind of rebrand in order to ensure consumers have been kept in the loop. Even if you were lucky enough to make it through the year without having to do a total 180, there’s one reason in particular why rebranding is still one of the best things you can do for your business in 2023.

Okay, you’ve got my attention. What is it?

Well, we’re glad you asked that.

The answer is consumer behaviour.

Let’s be honest. This year, people have had enough. Enough of fake news, enough of unethical corporates and enough of hypocritical marketing. Having spent more time online and more time away from friends and family than ever before, we’re beginning to crave real human connection. This, in turn, is influencing consumer behaviour.

Interesting… so why does this mean businesses should be rebranding?

Another great question. People now want to see the person behind the brand – something we at GoodThing excel in. They want brands that speak to them on a personal level, that cut out the usual marketing jargon and actually show that they understand what their customers need. They want brands that deliver clear messaging and that see them as more than just a number. That see them as people.

Let us elaborate.

Research shows that brands that don’t act and communicate responsibly and personably fall out of favour with the consumer pretty quickly. In fact, 47% of consumers would be willing to walk away from a brand that did this.

What’s more, 62% of consumers are attracted to brands that demonstrate ethical values and authenticity in everything they do; 66% expect companies to be transparent and a further 66% expect brands to have a great culture – both around their products or services and in-house for employees. Essentially, the consumer has a greater stake in the success of a brand than they ever have before and effective branding is one of the most important ways in which businesses can reach them. Trust us on this one – at GoodThing, that’s what we’re all about: using personality led design to create brands that resonate more powerfully.

Maybe this is a silly question, but what even is a rebrand?

There’s no such thing as a silly question. At its core, rebranding is the process of giving a product, service or entire business a new image to make it more appealing to the consumer. We do this by working closely with the people behind the business to get a real understanding of the beating heart of the brand – all whilst keeping the people who’ll be connecting with it at the forefront of our minds.

Does it really matter though? Like, really matter?

We’d say so. It’s something that becomes necessary as consumer behaviour changes or when a business is changing direction but it doesn’t have to be about replacing your messaging completely. We like to think of it more as a way to uncover the true message of a business – the driving passion that was always behind it in the first place.

Whether through strategy, brand identity, graphic design, packaging, website design or copywriting, the possibilities for connecting with your consumer are endless and this is something we love to help with in whatever way we can.

Here at GoodThing, that’s what we’re all about – talented creatives working together to bring people the brands that will make their lives just a little bit better.

Forget the robots – we’re all about personality led design, by people, for people.

And, really, what could be better than that?