A brand made in Belfast

Melting Pot Fudge has personality stirred in by hand. Sisters Cathy, Jenny and Dorothy started making their fudge as kids and just didn't stop. Using the original recipes and simple process. Their award-winning fudge is made with milk and butter from local producers.


Melting Pot Fudge




Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Brand Writing

Marketing partner

Cathy, Jenny and Dorothy had a fantastic product and an authentic story to tell. They came to us to create a brand that would get them noticed and encourage stockists.

The main challenge was to stand out from the traditional products in the market but do it in a way that was true to Melting Pot.

Our vibrant brand identity and packaging stimulated lots of conversations with new stockists. Giving the sisters opportunities to tell their story.

Packaging personality

A brand that gets chosen

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