Brand Identity

The look and feel of your brand; once we have a clear sense of who you are, what you stand for and where you’re going, we’ll explore your visual brand in detail. From colour palettes and typography to infographics and photography – we’ll present a range of possibilities that meet the demands of your creative brief.

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Visual identity

Your brand is made of elements working harmoniously together to create a cohesive identity. These elements including your logo, colours, typography, photography and graphics, give you your distinctive visual language.


Rebranding is a strategy that companies use to change how customers see their products or services. The idea is to update the brand and make it more attractive to existing customers, or even a new audience. This could be to reach a different market, expand the business, or differentiate from competitors.


Brand imagery is made up of all the visuals that represent your brand. These visuals do more than just look nice - they make people feel certain emotions about your brand, which can build trust and confidence over time. Brand imagery is a chance for you to show potential customers who you are, why they can trust you, and how your product can make their lives better.
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